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Feast of Fools

feast of fools

Ever poured gravy into your hat? Eaten next to a Sultan?
Had a dinner party with the devil? Well now’s your chance.
The Feast of Fools will make this happen and more in one of
the most unusual feeds you’ll ever have. Join storyteller
Daniel Serridge at his dinner table of foolishness as he
regales you with tales of disgusting banquets, salubrious
suppers and measly meals. Prepare to get wined, dined and
unrefined. Disclaimer: There will be no food served at this
event and as a consequence you’ll leave starving or never
want to eat again.

This piece will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

When: August 1st – 18th 2019 (Thu 1 – Sun 18 Aug (not Wed 7, Tues 13, Wed 14)

Time: 1:30pm

Where: Scottish Storytelling Centre . 43-45 High Street , The Netherbow , Edinburgh , EH1 1SR (Library at Fringe)

Tickets available here

This performance features as part of FeastFest

The Truths of Thomas the Rhymer

A powerful and deeply personal storytelling and folk music performance told with joy and searing honesty.

‘It was brave, artistic
and thought provoking. And many many people
should see it!’
Janis Mackay, author and storyteller

‘A delight to experience. The show is a perfect example
of how storytelling enriches and inspires.’ Mara Menzies, Storyteller

The Truths of Thomas the Rhymer is inspired by a piece of masters research conducted by Daniel Serridge in August 2015.

Having followed the Scottish independence referendum and 2015 General election Daniel was interested in the current political relationship between England and Scotland, in particular for the people living close to each other, close to the border. For a piece of field research he decided to try and walk along the exact line of the border between England and Scotland, from Gretna in thewest to Berwick-Upon-Tweed in the east. Each evening, he would attempt to tell the old border folktale Thomas the Rhymer to instigate conversations about nationalism and unionism.

During this walk he discovered a significant moment from his own life that was entwined with the narrative of Thomas, this became a solo performance. What appeared was a piece that dealt with notions of loss, grief and childish perceptions on the adult world.